When you started your business there was a  reason why you decided to put your heart and soul into it right? You believed that the world needed what you had to offer. Sometimes it’s the deeper stories that remind you of what your brand and company are worth to you and to remind you what it is that you’ve set out to do. Leo helps you take your vision and with it, we throw it at the wall and keeping working on it till we perfect it, we have some of the most talented designers to build really cool interfaces and super genius mobile app developers to help build the perfect product for you.

We at Project Leo can help you there. We can help you exhibit your business to the world and allow them to see, feel and understand why they are in need of what you offer, whether it be a Mobile App, Website, Product or even a Service.

Project Leo cares about and we most certainly care about your incredible idea, that is why our team is there for you till the bitter end to ensure that all our work runs perfectly fine and that our Mobile App Developers are there getting everything technically right before your big launch day. It’s probably no surprise now knowing that we would be there even after you launch.


The Science of Requirement Gathering

The Consultation phase is the most important phase of any project. The initial Consultation allows our team to understand  your business from the ground up and what it is you require. It allows us to explore how we can help your business grow.

  • objectives
  • understanding
  • research

The Science of Designing

During the Design Phase of The Process, our team will produce various designs elements such as mockups and wireframes for logos, animations, web applications and anything else the client requests. This is the stage where we let our creatives get loose. No idea is a bad idea, and we are not one for holding back creatives.

  • wireframing
  • mockups
  • sketches

The Science of Developing

The Development phase allows us to take the conceptual designs of your project into reality. We start to build your Mobile App or Web App at this stage and we have some of London’s most elite Mobile App Developers and Web App Developers working with us to produce outstanding results for you. We get you market ready!

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • jQuery
  • FCPX

The Science of Launch

This is where the fun starts. All the hard work has been done getting the brand ready. Now we’re ready to launch. Whether you’re launching a new product or business, Leo will be there with you every step of the way. We’re on this journey together. Our Mobile App Developers will ensure that your app is fully functional and operational before we go into market

  • email marketing
  • cross-browser testing
  • revisions

The Science of Measuring

You’ve launched your brand, but it’s not over. The key thing to making any brand or business successful is keeping up with the times and listening to your customers. At Project Leo will we help you analyse how well your brand is performing and what can be done to take it to the next level.

  • analytics
  • split testing
  • brand audit

The Science of Growth

This is crucial to any brands growth. We all want our brand to grow and this requires hard work. At Leo we take care of that. You may want to segment new markets, increase brand loyalty or maybe expand into a new territory. We are here to explore the best options available to help you achieve your vision

  • marketing
  • SEO
  • advertising

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