The Problem

RXLIVE is the UK’s first patient to pharmacist platform allowing users to manage repeat prescriptions via a mobile. The first of its kind in the UK.

RXLIVE had an innovative idea but needed an e-commerce website which represented the Pharma Tech as a brand which resonated with the general public as a trustworthy and go-to source for medication.


After our initial meeting with the RXLIVE team, we carried out an analysis of the current website. From the findings of our analysis, we carried out strategy sessions with RXLIVE. These sessions allowed us to explore what it was the RXLIVE needed and why it was key to their brand is a success. The Project Leo team was tasked carrying out:

  • A complete rebrand of RXLIVE
  • Redesigning the UI and UX for the mobile apps and e-commerce website
  • Build of e-commerce website and mobile app by our in-house team of developers

The Approach

After our initial analysis, we held a strategy session with the client to figure out their requirements. However, it was important for us to understand their brand and marketing strategy in order for us to be able to recommend solutions that would be the most beneficial to the Pharma Tech start-up. Furthermore, the strategy session allowed Project Leo to understand the users.

  • Redefine the brand so it was more in line with their brand attributes
  • Prioritise the goals


Our previous strategy sessions led us to believe that a rebrand was essential. RXLIVE needed to be able to communicate their message with their users.

Concept Logos


Chosen Designs


RX Live is a Pharma Tech startup revolutionising the way the general public order repeat prescriptions, and want their brand to be synonymous with it being reliable and trustworthy. Because of this the tagline Safe • Secure • Convenient was chosen for the brand, the use of this tagline was further cemented when our focus groups described their experience of interacting with the brand by using those exact words.

Design Phase

The design phase for us was the single most important phase of them all, admittedly it was probably the hardest thing because we were thinking about how elderly people would interact with the Mobile App and Website. It’s not just for young minds who are able to work out the technology, we catered for a very modern feel with ultra simplicity.

Ensuring that the brand and style guidelines were intact, we produced a very clean flowing design for cross-platform mobile devices.



Project Leo set out to architect, design and produce a motion graphics animation that told the story of RXLIVE, at this level we wanted to encapsulate the attention of kinds people no matter their age.

Following this further, we produced two sets of animations, one explained who RXLIVE are and the second explained how the application would work.


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