Pierre De Paris


Retro and old school is still stylish, hip and cool but is it really that sexy? Pierre needs help bringing their brand to life, let the world know of their premium boutique out in Paris. They’re in need of a serious make-over and a strategy to help them gain the recognition they need.


Restructure of their – logo, website design & development, marketing and IT consultation restructure. As we worked on this project, we outlined some fundamental issues that were disrupting the company model and having consulted Pierre to put forward the changes, they couldn’t have been happier.


Pierre is a luxury watch retailer with its roots stemming from the heart of Paris. The Pierre brand needed a complete make-over in terms of branding and website.

Two and a half months down the line we accomplished together a completely new face for the company, a logo redesign, an elegant website, a kick-start on the implications of social media and what it would bring to their brand. Our  biggest accomplishment was over delivering, above and beyond their expectations.


We flew out to Paris and met with Pierre and had a long conversation about how we’re going to turn their brand around, what it takes to compete in the market and how to bring awareness back to them.

Pierres biggest competition are other companies like Watches of Switzerland and Lyon etc.

Idea’s were just flying like crazy, the mood in the room was so intense, so much heat, the company was borderline non-existent to the world so we could sympathise with the pressure flowing right now. Eventually Leo left the room and produced a quick strategic pitch which could really turn the company around and they LOVED IT!

ideas turned into writing, writing turned into drawings, drawings turned into concepts, concepts turned into reality. Today Pierre wears the brand with pride and a revamp on the logo topped it off.

“We feel so new again, thank you, thank you for coming through to us and turning it around”

We have to admit, after that we felt as if we’re a ‘Pimp My Ride’ team, just going around and modernising the old and bring it a new face.


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