Perlego, the Spotify for eBooks. A market aimed towards students who pay ridiculous amounts of money on textbooks per term. It’s time to negate that and make it more affordable for them.

Perlego wanted a simple, minimalistic and intuitive design for their users, their initial problem was that they felt their platform was too corporate and did not fit the young profile vibe. They wanted to engage their users by simplicity and ease of use, some personal and more comfortable to use.


Project Leo was discovered on Behance. They really liked the simplistic interfaces we designed and so we were hired.

As part of the redesign process we produced 4 very different concepts which we believed would appeal to their users the most.  Ultimately we produced a combination between the 4 designs for the end result.


The Approach

We began the project by going through a strategy session with the Perlego team. The strategy session gave us better insight in regards to what Perlego wanted to achieve from a branding and marketing viewpoint. From this strategy session we were able to:

  • Understand the current users
  • Define the brand
  • Pinpoint key areas that would allow for a better user journey

Defining the Brand

Branding isn’t just your corporate identity. It’s who you are and what you stand for. With Perlego we needed to define their key brand attributes, which allowed us to figure out how their brand resonated with their core demographic.  The branding session allowed us to develop a stylescape for the new site, with complementary typography and brand colours.

Below are the results of the branding exercise we carried out with the Perlego team


  • Young and Witty
  • Fun
  • Not to Serious


  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Simple


  • Brave
  • Human
  • Warm
  • Honest


  • Warm
  • Happy
  • Fun
  • Modern


  • Cost
  • Time
  • Cut the Clutter
  • Pass Exams


  • Disruptive
  • Youthful
  • Fresh
  • Made for students by students
One of the stylescapes we created for Perlego

A better User Journey

The current website was too corporate and didn’t have the feel of a vibrant young start-up which targeted their key demographic, Students. The existing website wasn’t vibrant and interactive enough. Through our initial strategy session with the Perlego team it was decide to take the approach of minimalistic yet interactive site, moving away from the corporate look and feel.


The Design Process

It was decided after carrying out strategy sessions and showing the Perlego a couple of designs that the best route to go down would be the minimalistic route as it firstly resonated with the brand attributes and secondly was more intune with the users. Further to that a minimalistic yet youhtful design would allow Perlego to achieve soem of their KPIs:

  1. Improve brand messaging and experience to make Perlego resonate with uni students
  2. Onboarding process to increase retention and “good feeling”
  3. Improve upgrade process to increase conversion to Premium

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