At Project Leo, we’ve been powered by incredible talent and with this, we will show you the outcomes of fusing beautiful design as well as carefully architected code. Our capabilities will allow your business to get the most out of the mobile app development or web development process.

Furthermore, our UI and UX designers are able to ensure that you get the optimum design and user experience set for your mobile application.

Coupled with that we’ve built our team through talented individuals who have the capabilities to drive your dreams forward, however, we’d like for you to focus on your business growth rather than small design details which we could be managing for you.

These capabilities extend even further with our carefully tailored business strategy, branding, and marketing packages, We want to be with you, 100% of the way.

As a result to that working with us on your product has given us the ability to understand your business, audience, goals and more. It makes sense to involve us within your strategy and marketing plans too right? Food for thought.




We plan every project we undertake with meticulous precision making sure we do not miss anything out during the initial requirements stage.


Every project is developed to exceed our clients expectations. We go that one step further and develop with the end user in mind. The end user should be able to experience truly immersive design and flow, the way it should be.


When it comes to Delivery, Project Leo delivers. We always aim to deliver before deadlines. Our efficiency allows us to deliver projects under very tight deadlines.